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Bloomin’ charming!

As if facing Monday morning after a wonderful weekend wasn’t bad enough.  Imagine opening your front door to discover that one of your neighbours has relieved themselves in the corridor outside your flat.  Deffo pissed on my chips (not literally) Grrrrr!!

Kia Abdullah blogs for the Guardian, writes shit books and is a horrible human being

@KiaAbdullahKia AbdullahIs it really awful that I don’t feel sympathy for anyone killed on a gap yaar? That’s awful, right? Yes, I’m a terrible person.

41 minutes ago via txt

@KiaAbdullahKia Abdullah@Sathnam I actually smiled when I saw that they had double-barrelled surnames. Sociopathic?

The awkward moment when…

you realise that Ed Miliband is as much of a douchebag as David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa…the Labour Party isn’t dead, it just smells funny.  Lets face it though we only have ourselves to blame.  We, Labour Party activists, bought into Kinnock’s “acceptable to the electorate” brand of politics, and to be fair, with Thatcher in her prime, most felt he had a point.  I confess I am no longer a member of the party and shame on me for that…when militantism gave way to materialism I gave up the fight.  However,  I didn’t dream that one day we would hear a barely comprehensible shithouse in a suit telling Labour MPs to cross picket lines. 

The Labour Party was born of Trades Unionism, not the other way round.  Thatcher broke the will of the larger trades unions when she smashed the mineworkers union.  Now, when they are rising again to defend their members, Ed Miliband, Andy Burnham et al are pissing on them and the workers who make up their number.

Have you really forgotten that trades unionists pay for you “Labour” MPs to sample the pleasures of being in Parliament? 

Have you really forgotten that you are supposed to be the party of the people?  

Bring back Clause IV and get this shower of namby pamby, unctuous, back door tories out of Parliament….the stench of their rotting principles is making me sick. 

"We’ve had our summer"

The perennial cry of old folk at bus stops every June since, well, forever. It usually occurs on the first wet and windy day which follows a period of warm weather ( ‘a period of warm weather’ can be anything from a day of sunshine to a fortnight without rain). Summer, my dears, is a season - not a description of weather. Were we to ‘have had our summer’ then the calendar would have fast forwarded to Autumn and bypassed the months of June, July and August. The football season would be in full swing and I wouldn’t find every forum and social networking site awash with every Tom, Dick or Harriet quoting the first fixtures of the Premiership.

Very clever, Mr Murdoch…..but we aren’t that gullible…are we?

Lets just examine the happenings of the day.

1.  James Murdoch announces the closure of the Sunday newspaper with the biggest circulation.

2.  Jeremy Hunt announces that the BSkyB takeover decision will be delayed until September

What has actually happened

1.  James Murdoch has sacrificed hundreds of jobs in the hope that he can attract advertisers to the much vaunted Sunday Sun newspaper.

2.  Jeremy Hunt has bought Rupert Murdoch time for the public outcry to die down and for the proposed BSkyB takeover to go ahead without question.

3.  Rebekah Brooks (Ms Teflon) keeps her job despite being either a liar or an incompetent boss.

Career choices and jingoism………Daily Hate division-ism anyone?

Luckily, I have never been popular, so the following post shouldn’t impact on that hugely.

I have several friends on Facebook who are either parents of or wives of servicemen or ex-servicemen.  I also have a smattering of actual serving servicemen.  I know the job our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen et al do is a dangerous one in times of conflict and I appreciate that.  However, it is not helpful for the servicemen and their families to turn on public service employees because they take strike action.  You chose your career in the services just as they chose theirs.  The inequalities in pay for “trainees” spouted and quoted may be true, but they fail to take into account debt accrued in education, part time jobs taken to supplement student fees etc nor do the figures take into account the subsidised living arrangements for servicemen and their families.

Do not turn on your fellow workers, place the blame for inequalities where it lies with GOVERNMENT.  

Unless a teacher, policeman, firefighter, paramedic or doctor becomes an MP, they are not to blame for the low pay in the services or the wars you fight in.

The public sector workers are under attack - support them, just as they support you. 

We are all workers…and workers, united will never be defeated.  Workers divided are cannon fodder, literally and figuratively.

KD Lang singing Miss Chatelaine.  Superb.

David Cameron’s objections to the strikes tomorrow….

Dear Public Sector Workers

There aren’t enough of you dying young.  If you could all stop being so selfish and adopt an unhealthy lifestyle instead of devoting yourselves to ensuring that education, justice, national and local government - in effect the country - ran smoothly we wouldn’t have to attack your pensions, we would be able to help the needy banks and the rest of my mates who contribute little but take much from the economy everything would be fine.  Some of you question why we aren’t reforming the pensions of MPs…..but that’s just silly….it’s our ball and we’ll take it home!  

For goodness sake even the Parliamentary Labour Party don’t support your actions… they have finally seen sense and abandoned their silly opinion that the workers should have rights and work towards a fairer society i.e. we all piss in the same pot so you are f*cked.


Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…


Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…

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